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Heating and Specialty
Expansion joints and compensaters for use in power, process, industrial, and HVAC applications. These include laminated bellows expansion jointsm rectangular joints, universal tied joints, single ply joints, hinge joints, pressure balanced joints, low pressure joints, corrugated flexible connectors, externally pressurized guided joints, braided flexible connectors, bellows pump connectors, low pressure expansion compensators, high pressure compensators, and pip alignment guides.
Plate Concepts
Plate and frame exchangers, hot and chill water systems
Specializing in rubber products for molded spool type joints, spherical joints, wide-arch joints, rubber concentric and eccentric reducer joints, teflon lined rubber joints, rubber pump connectors, and ductinf expansion joints.
Storage, tanks, and water features.
Space Ray
Commercial and Industrial infra-red space heating.
Steam traps, pressure control valves, and steam specialties.
Industrial process and HVAC centrifugal seperator system and packages.
UV Pure Technologies
UV purification systems.
Mechanical Room Supplies
Expansion tanks and air seperators of all types and air control accessories.
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